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Terms & Conditions 

Insurance and Coverage:
Renters must have insurance that will cover the rented vehicle. If not renter must choose ASAP Car Rentals SLI Coverage and CDW Coverage.


Giving verbal, written, or online reservation information with credit card or debit card information acknowledges acceptance our Terms and Conditions. Upon receipt of billing information, the appropriate deposit amount(s) will be charged to the credit card or debit card provided. No reservations can be held without receipt of the deposit or full amount of rental. Reservations are on a first come first served basis and ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Early return, Cancellations or No Show will be considered end of rental for the total amount paid. 

All Pre Paid Rentals are Non Refundable. 

All provisions of our rental agreement apply to each rental. Signature is not required to complete a reservation The rental agreement is available for review at any time prior to departure. If your personal information and or credit card information is given over the phone or to any representative or affiliates to insure your reservation then you are bound by the Terms and Conditions of this agreement.  Any promises made by any affiliate must be made in writing and approved by the operations director on duty to be valid. We reserves the right to deny or reschedule any rental due to unsafe or bad weather conditions. No Mexico travel under any condition.  NO SMOKING & NO PETS.  Smoking and pets are prohibited in the rental units and any evidence of smoking or pets after my rental or lack of compliance will result in forfeiture of security deposit and/or a minimum charge of $100 for pets or any other contract violations.  All locations are by appointment only and any missed appointment may result in a $20 missed appointment charge.  

Giving verbal, written, or online reservation information with credit card or debit card information acknowledges renter agrees that any and all charges placed on their credit card are legitimate and authorized charges for the rental transaction they are completing, and hereby agree to not dispute these charges. **Under no circumstances will return of rental units be accepted outside of  the appointed reservation time. Returns made outside of these business hours will result in immediate forfeit of security deposit unless prior arrangements have been made in writing.


 Incidentals Deposit:

An Incidentals deposit is required on all vehicles and is automatically calculated at the estimated amount of the rental plus an additional (1 Hundred to 2 Hundred and 50 dollars) depending on the vehicle and vehicle pickup location. This deposit is refundable and may be collected at anytime.

Airport Pickup Policy:
DFW Shuttle Service - As Soon as you land Power On Your Phone and Call (469) 458-6498 to receive your pickup instructions..  We are only 5 Minutes away.

Renter must arrange for ASAPCar Rentals in advance for Free Airport Pickup and Drop Off.  Rental Vehicle must be returned to the ASAP Car Rental Location and a representative with drop of renter and the Airport after the rental.  

Exception: PICKUP & DROPOFF from (DAL) Love Field Airport in Dallas, TX will be a $25 charge EACH way.  


Out of State Travel Policy : 

Out of state travel is ok but driver will only receive unlimited miles for travel to any of the touching state from where you rented the vehicle. Travel outside of this area will automatically convert your contract to a mileage contract to be charged at a rate of 25 cents per miles after the free daily miles. You must notify us if you plan to take vehicle out-of-state.  This policy does not apply to the rental of Vans or vehicles that are rented on mileage charge basis.